sum, sum, summertime

Summer is here, and I always find myself a little bit flustered by the time the 4th of July hits because – “Oh no!” – that feeling of “Summer is almost over!” flushes over me. There's so much to do in what feels like so little time. 

   Summer time activities are definitely what take me away from regular day-to-day life and help me get re-charged and inspired – things like: bomb pops, hanging out at the pool, eating cherries, s’mores, sun, the beach baby!, camping, biking, fishing, yard work (yes, I love working in the yard!), dinner at home al fresco, flip flops, free summer concerts, road trips with the car windows down, roller coasters, the state fair, the list goes on but I have to go enjoy an ice cream cone!

I’m still a kid, I just want to play outside. So much to do – so little time…


This month’s inspiration is brought to you by Kim Toms, a tinkerer by nature and a LEED-certified designer by trade.


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