The August Wrap Up

the dog days

Whoever said August is a month to be lazy, to kick back and daydream has not seen Slifer Designs in action. August, on the heels of celebrating our 30th anniversary throughout July, was busy for everyone. On a rainy afternoon like today it’s fun to take a moment and reflect on everything we’ve accomplished this month.

There are so many stories about people being less active than ever. Well, that is certainly not the case with Eric Pence, one of our white glove movers and custom installers. He completed – in one session – the Leadville 100. That’s 100 miles of running in a little more than 27 hours. That is completely remarkable, we think. But this is his 20th time completing the storied race! That is 2000 miles on foot! We are humbled and impressed by him.
Eric Pence with his hard-earned belt buckle. 

In early August we decided to move our operations east for a bit – we opened our first-ever ‘pop-up’ store on Gore Creek Drive in Vail. It’s fun to be back in the heart of the valley, almost back to where we started. If you haven’t stopped by yet, please do. The inventory is changing daily and we are having fun creating new vignettes and rooms. We’re open every day till mid-September.

We’ve installed projects on the East Coast, West Coast and middle America. It’s fun to see the different architectural styles, and even more fun to have friends in so many places. But the focus of early August is the semi-annual buying trip to New York City. We saw some amazing accessories, and they are landing in our store this week! Some of our favorites?

Charlotte Rhys a line of home fragrance, candles, bath and body. Charlotte Rhys is a South African company and Slifer Designs will be the only distributor throughout Colorado. These scents waft through some of the finer accommodation on safari tours.

It seems like everyone has wrap bracelets – but the ones we found are so cool! Leather and metal wraps, can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. An easy pick-me-up come the colder months. 

Finally, we adore these totes made of soft leather or suede. Sometimes we need a bag that is a few steps up from our recycled grocery sacks. 

Of course there's more, but we want you to be surprised when you stop by one of our two shops! See you out there.


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