The Dream Job

It’s wedding season and I am on the road! When I am not attending a wedding, I am on a buying trip so I’ve logged a lot of miles this year. One of the most fun aspects of my job is the fact that it’s not just a job – I am constantly on the look out for fun new trends. I love being on the go and bringing home something new and beautiful for our fabulous clients, whether high-end crystal, dangly earrings, bohemian-inspired clothing, chic furnishings or beach accessories. My boyfriend and I got to spend a few amazing days in Chicago; I went on buying trips in New York City, Miami and even Dallas earlier this summer. The cities are speckled with boutiques that carry fashions for the home, garden and socialite. The sheer size of the cities guarantee inspired shopping opportunities.

Here are a few of my favorites – for the alter-bound couple to those of us traveling to the destination weddings. I am traveling a lot this month and these are the things I want with me while I travel. What do you absolutely need when you travel? Share it with us!

I like organization at home and on the road. I like to have my shoes separated from my clothes, so these shoe bags are perfect for that. With every inch counting on the carry ons, I rely on these shoe bags. I also love these ‘To Wash, To Wear’ bags to keep my laundry separated: the clean items clean and the dirty ready to be popped in the washing machine at home.


Being a Colorado born and raised-girl, I am always reaching for water. I love these new flexible water bottles. They are easy to pack, do not take up much space and I always have a water bottle on the go!


That’s what I need for getting to and from the wedding. Now the go-to gifts for nuptials this year. I am in love with Simon Pearce crystal. It’s definitely not your staid, yesteryear crystal. This is contemporary and will fit with anyone’s décor. Perfect for the first dinner party as a married couple or cocktail party. (Sidenote: Slifer is the only Simon Pearce vendor in the Rocky Mountain region!)

simon pearce aug blog

Picture frames are always a welcome gift. The bride (and groom, of course) just spent a bundle on photography for their perfect day. They will want to display the shots throughout their home and at their office. The Michael Aram frames are elegant in their simplicity.


There’s so many other accessories I am loving right now – too many to share but I would love to show you around the Showroom! On the other hand… I’d love to hear some of your favorite wedding gifts. Did you get something that made your jaw drop? Did you give a unique present to your best-brdie friend? Share it with us on Facebook!

This is our first in a series of getting to know Slifer Designs, the people who find fabulous and make the company what it is. Addie Lagace knew fashion was her future: She  always wanted to be a designer, always had a love for fabrics and always wanted to redo her parent’s home. She’s been on the buying team and co-visual merchandiser for almost a year and is intent on finding the unique and the must-haves.

What else do you need to know about Addie?

Favorite book: The Language of Flowers

Favorite food: Perogies

Greatest influences? Frank Gehry – His architecture inspires me every day. The buildings he has created are not only functional, they are works of art.

 Dream job? I am doing it!

What inspires you? Natural elements inspire me. I love incorporating elements of nature into a home through texture. I am also inspired by the color around us daily, our ever changing seasons.

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