The Light Within

lighting the way

Light—natural, decorative, synthetic and even candle—inspires me. Light not only illuminates a room: it’s both a functional necessity and can be a luxurious addition to space. Whether it’s the soft glow from a table lamp to the early-morning brilliance from the sun, light can create and evoke emotion. 

One aspect of light that amazes me, and is often overlooked, is how it can even be used architecturally, creating lines and visual impact. As a designer, I use light to make a statement, whether it’s dramatic, calming, exciting, fun or whimsical. Lighting, and the correct lighting at that, creates the right moods and effects.

This time of year, natural light comes back into play. The days are not only getting longer, but the late-afternoon light gives off a warm and almost ethereal glow. The world is bathed in a soft white with the blazing pink of February sunsets.

What else surrounds everyday, every where, that does so much? Dramatic lighting in photography changes the entire portrait. A stunning fixture transforms the room. I hope you are inspired to take a moment to really see the light that surrounds you.

This month’s inspiration is brought to you by Frances Karsh, a Colorado native who has traveled the world, and incorporates the various cultures and communities into the aesthetics of her work.


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