The Nature of Light

This time of year is swollen with light – from the soft early morning sunrises to the blaring noonday sun to the breathtaking sunsets. Natural light is always welcome from a design perspective. Being surrounded by natural light can immediately lift a sour mood, create the extraordinary from the everyday.

light blogNatural light is so important for health. It keeps our circadian rhythm (which means about a day) in alignment and has positive effects including improved sleep, quality of life and more energy. The 15-hour days seem to fly by when bathed in light. Think of our collective low-energy during the rainiest May in a hundred years. The gloominess wore us all down.

As designers, we know the importance of bringing as much natural light into interiors as possible – to bath in natural light. Huge windows, sky lights, thoughtfully placed doors and windows, all are design elements that incorporate natural light. There are lighting systems that help promote exposure to natural light.

I love to create and work with natural lighting effects, like dappled light through trees or starlight. It’s a fun way to play with lighting – remember the fun with shadow puppets as a child or flashlight parades? Embrace your inner child and enjoy the quality of life derived from the hours of light.

This month’s inspiration is brought to you by design associate Chelsea Thowe, who dove in to projects when she joined Slifer Designs this winter. After studying abroad in Spain, she decided to pursue her passion of architecture and interior design into a career.

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