The Red Room Expands

This time of year encourages me to reorganize and declutter. Perhaps it’s the remnants of the Christmas wrapping paper or finding a few stray Christmas tree needles lingering under the bookcase, not wanting the good times to end. Well I, for one, am ready for the house to go back to normal – maybe even to purge a few items that have been around for a while and that just seem to be underfoot. I have a lovely bar-height table that we don’t really use – I am not ready to part with that yet, but the step stool that no one uses anymore? Donating it to Habitat for Humanity.

red room jan 2015

Since it’s winter, we tend to spend more time inside, which inevitably gets me thinking, reorganizing, rearranging and wanting to try something new. Out with the living room coffee table, in with a more modern new one. The staff at the Slifer Designs Showroom are doing the same thing – clearing out some existing inventory in preparation for a hot new items that we ordered last August in High Point. In essence, the Red Room, always home to designer deals, is packed with awesome new-to-the-Red-Room inventory: linens, artwork, dining tables, sectionals, pillows, accessories.

Slifer is making space in the showroom and that means good news for those of us freshening up our houses! Mid-winter – the blahs set in and it’s a good time for change. Simple updates our designers recommend are everything from new pillows, an interesting lamp to a piece of art that truly stands out. I was at a friend’s house for a party and she had several sofa-height mini tables, perfect to hold a cocktail and bowl of nuts. It was brilliant and inspired me to try the same thing. I am loving a brightly colored garden stool – it’ll add a pop of color and… it’s on sale!

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