The Suite Life

Oftentimes the guest room can get overlooked. It might double as your home office or as the kids’ playroom. But, we’re guessing, living where we live, you have your share of houseguests. I know we do. A few deliberate and well-thought-out choices can help make the guest room into a retreat perfect for guests of all ages. One of the best parts about working in the retail showroom is that we get come into your home, in spirit, anyway. What are we loving now? So much…

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All that glitters is (not always) gold. And in this case, we’ll take these touches of brass: handsome, sophisticated and visual interesting. These sculptural pieces are a clever combination of art and architecture with the functionality of a vase. Who says men won’t appreciate flowers?


Finding stylish pieces that enhance a guest room – and allow the guest a place to put their travel cases – is a fun quest. We love these two leather director-chair inspired stools placed at the end of the bed. The room is cozy in muted neutrals and little details that make the guest feel at home.


We couldn’t be more pleased to see embroidery liven up bedrooms! We love the touch and feel of this embroidered feather motif with just enough color to be interesting. It has a hand-crafted feel but is definitely not from the craft room.


Art can be as bold, or subtle, as you want. In this case, a little bit of bling goes a long way. Notice how the brass-color tree branch catches light from every angle but doesn’t dominate the room. The three dimensionality only enhances the overall look of the room, helping create interesting shadows on an otherwise neutral wall.


Speaking of bling – don’t be afraid to bring a little sparkle into the boudoir. Antlers usually are thought of as masculine, but this sparkly pillow has a feminine feel. Our tip? Combine masculine with feminine for a bedroom that is a retreat for him and her.


After three days…. guests and fish. You know the rest but for those guests you enjoy, the embroidered detail on the sheet set finishes the room and makes the guest feel welcome. Guess what? They really do notice the little details. Treat them well and they’ll return the favor.

We’d love to help you design a guest room that rivals the best suite in town. Stop by the Edwards Showroom seven days a week and we’ll help you find fabulous.

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