Thoughtful Design is in the Details

Details, Details

In design, details matter. Your eye goes right to a chip in the paint and the presentation is lost. Paying attention to details – whether bold or subtle – is imperative for fabulous design. There is an art to creating form that accomplishes high functionality and endless beauty.

The most important part of the design process is in the details. The details elevate the form of an element, and when well thought out, can increase how the elements function. Making a seamless and intuitive space is what I strive to create and find most inspiring. Continuity in a design is driven by the subtle details that blend into the form of the object or even the space. When two adjacent spaces share the same ceiling finish and flooring, a connectivity and clear sense of space is created. That detail of finish selection is no mistake. Conversely, changing the flooring finish or stain can create dimension and depth.

When a design element is counter to what you expect, or has an exposed function, it can provoke thought and inspiration, and makes a design that much more exciting. Design that is cognitively challenging amplifies your experience. Think of a piece of furniture exposes joints, making it a part of how the piece looks – it adds sophistication, originality and visual interest.

When pattern is concerned, the detail can create a hidden dimension. I think a pattern is most inspiring when it has different levels of depth but still accomplishes clear lines of organization. Where it begins and ends affects how that surface is perceived. Think of the eye trick, where circles of the same size appear larger or smaller just by how and where they are placed. Design elements add interest to your space.

The detail in a design should never be compromised; it is what makes a space sophisticated and inspiring to be in: there should be an indescribable feeling of soundness and serenity.

This month’s inspiration is brought to you by Madeline Sapyta, a design associate at Slifer who is inspired by all the details that go into a breathtaking design.

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