Totally Natural

Nature Has It

Nature has inspired design in more ways than one. We live, eat and breathe because of it. This month I’ve really been drawn to the raw materials the natural world has provided us with: Not to mention the mountainous terrain I currently reside in inspires me day to day.

I love the look of raw wood – the organic lines and rich colors – give the sense of a strong and lasting space. The use of a natural agate stone as a focal point can give a room a whole other dimension. Not only are raw materials used in the architectural details but also in our accessories – hand spun stone flat wear, wood coasters, hemp pillows and blankets, art and so much more.
     Bringing the outdoors in has always been a trait of mine. Whether that be in our interior spaces or our everyday lifestyle. Using handmade soap, drinking lemon water or eating home -grown veggies and fruit. Bringing natural elements into our homes provides us with a starting point to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you. There have been many studies done that show patients with illnesses have a faster chance of recovery when surrounded by nature.
      So, now, I am out to explore all the nature that surrounds me.

     We hope you are ready to design with and explore the natural world as is Design Associate Melissa Dombroski, who brought you this month's inspiration.

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