Unique Shapes Tell an Eclectic Story

Incorporating different shapes into designs is a challenge but one that I relish for the end result that is invariably interesting, inspiring and even invigorating. It’s easy to rely on a square – the simplest, easiest way to design – but departing from that is a refreshing challenge. I find clients are open to trying something new, trying to find an unexpected silhouette or shape to enhance their vision.

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Less-perfect shapes bring us back to nature in a biomorphic translation, think beehives, organic shapes and imperfect shapes. Design can either incorporate these shapes, or they can be the design. A tile mosaic using various textured, colored and shaped tiles is artwork in its own right, it can bring visual interest to a wall that had felt large and imposing.

I like to take into consideration a naturally organic design options. Instead of using a cookie-cutter vanity, use natural woods or patterned metals to enhance the room. Using unique shapes is unexpected and interesting. I believe it is a diversion from the monotony of the daily grind… square computer monitors, square cars, rectangular windows – our lives feel like they are in a box but using organic shapes is refreshing and more natural to us. An unexpected chair shape or pendant lights in an unusual shape surprise and delight.

Squares tend to feel formal and rigid, organic shapes are energizing and can encourage both movement and relaxation, collaboration and creativity. Think of the bell in yoga or an interesting wall pattern in a mediation room.

I dare you: try to use an unusual shape in an unexpected way – incorporated into your surroundings can inspire you to think “outside the box”… and who knows where that will lead?


This month’s inspiration is brought to you by Tessa Hyatt, who has always had an appreciation for the natural landscape and how to creatively bring it indoors. Tessa loves to put together an eclectic space that tells a story unique to the client.

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