Welcome Autumn

Summer's Slow good bye

Parting is such sweet sorrow, said Shakespeare’s Juliet. I feel the same about the end of summer: it’s a bittersweet time. Summer is lovely and lazy, endless-seeming days and music-and-star-infused nights. But I relish the fall and all that goes along with it.

We have just a few weekends left to hike, camp and go on family picnics. The crunching leaves under foot and sweet smell of fall make the waning daylight and late-afternoon hikes even more spectacular. The angle of light as the sun sets, just before it dips beneath the horizon, makes me stop for a moment and remember to be in the moment. 

Maybe it’s the memories of back-to-school shopping and how fun it is to go with my kids now but I look forward to more-tailored outfits, the return of structure and classic silhouettes. I look forward to pulling out my boots, cashmere, wrap coats, scarves … all the cozy accoutrements that make the fall welcoming. I look forward to wearing tartan plaids, gently distressed leathers and darker hues of fall.

On a design level, I always try to incorporate nature and the outdoors into my projects. But come autumn, I seem to search out and find the local artisans. I love the well-worn materials employed in the craftsmanship and admire the skills it takes to create the pieces that adorn our walls.

To me, there’s something reminiscent about autumn, the promise of what is to come and memory of what was. Here’s to crisp apple cider, homemade soup, frothy lattes and lingering sunsets with the favorite people in my life. Summer, you’ve been fun, but I am ready for the substance autumn has to offer.

This month's inspiration is brought to you by Yvonne Jacobs, Slifer Designs' president. She's been designing in our valley, and across the United States, for more than 17 years.


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