What’s in Store?

Get in the know. A few of our favorite clients couldn’t wait to see the new look, feel and overall loveliness of the updated Slifer Designs Store, a home and lifestyle boutique.

Here’s what a few clients shared:

“The new space is cozy, clean and updated. The second I walked in, I was inspired by the new space and took accessories home to add to my space.”

“Great selection of gift items and home accessories! The new pillows are AMAZING!” (Said by a client who left with an armful of throw pillows and more than a few accessories.)

So what’s what at the new, calming, cozy space? It’s flooded with natural light; the windows brought to life with delicate yet boldly colorful single-stem vases. The aroma is heavenly and the furry poof beckons—this week at least because as Addie Lagace, buyer, is quick to point out, “There are new products weekly with fun new vendors. We have an expanded lifestyle items to treat our customers.”

So, although the space is smaller in size, it is no less tempting. Lisa Mikels, store manager, shares, “When making decisions about consolidating, we examined our product and only kept key categories that customers loved. Even though we will no longer carry beds, and dining tables, we still work with a wide array of vendors and offer special order services.”

This simply means that customers receive in-depth service in creating their home look.

Okay, why the change? It was time to update the space to reflect what customers want and their buying habits, Lagace says as she hunts for new product and places orders. She adds the interior design firm, previously housed upstairs, will share the first-floor space.

“Most people did not know we were an interior design firm, so we wanted to move our talented design team to street level to create a better understanding of who we are as a company,” she explains. “During the remodel we wanted to update our space, to create a fresh, new home store boutique.”

Guess what? It worked. Clients love it: “Our long-time clients (and steady flow of new clients) love the new space and the fresh look. They are eager to work with us to special order custom pieces for their spaces or buy furniture right off the floor.

“They also love the expanded gifts and jewelry,” Mikels says between merchandising the space and greeting customers.

Here’s just a bit more insight into how the buying team updated, revamped while keeping the Slifer Designs’ je nais se quoi.

How did you pick the new look (no fireplace, clean lines, tidy space)?

We gathered inspiration photos and chose to pursue the clean, cohesive space. In order to maximize our new square footage, we chose to remove the fireplace so we could create a vignette in the space. This vignette changes weekly.

How is the store different?

Yes, we are smaller. The array of product is new, ever-changing but totally updated. The store still operates the same. We have product in our warehouse that will be brought in every Wednesday as before. The buying team is constantly selecting new product that will filter in all the time. We want clients to have new choices and products to take home.

What new lines can clients expect?

We have many new vendors that clients notice right away when they see the new store. New products are key to keeping the store exciting!

What can customers expect in the next few months from SD?

We are planning our reopening party, watch for the ads! No one will want to miss it!

What’s your favorite aspect of the renovation?

The paint color and the cozy atmosphere and ever-changing, updated, exciting lifestyle and homeware lines.

Stop by and see what’s in store at the new Slifer Designs store. We’re open 10-6 Monday through Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday.

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