Winter Whites that Warm Us

I love winter…

I love the clean, quiet of a snowy morning. Certainly the past couple of weeks have been frigid, but beautiful. Floating diamond-like crystals have sprinkled the freezing morning air—the quiet beauty has truly taken my breath away. I might love the glittery mornings, but it encourages me to curl up next to my cozy fire, sip a latte and find a few of my favorite things.

Right now, thanks to the freezing temps and sunny skies, I am drawn to cable knit socks, throws and sweaters, all of which add wonderful texture to any home or outfit. Although white usually evokes images of cold and ice, these winter whites give me a sense of warmth and peace. Also, I love the contrast of the whites with warm wood tones, beiges and browns.

Winter is invigorating, with its cold temperatures and subtle ways of encouraging all of us to slow down and enjoy a quiet moment.

Kellye O'Kelly shares her love of winter, and some of her favorite whites, in this week's blog.

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