Winter’s On Its Way

Cozying Up On a Cold Winter’s Day


This time of the year when we are on the verge of winter, and leaving fall behind, I wake up every day and hope to see the first big snow fall of the year. I get so excited for everything that comes along with the snow! Being born and raised in Vail, it’s no surprise that I look forward to the snow and cold, and all that goes along with it…. snowmen, glowing candles, flannels, scarves, new ski gear, boots made for tromping in the snow and twinkling lights.

I love winter clothes, and the layering with flannels, mittens, scarves, snow boots, long Johns and wool socks! Even better, maybe, is cozying up in a warm house after a big ski day, drinking hot cocoa while it is dumping snow outside.
Being outside rejuvenates me, and not just because of the bracing winter air. Skiing or playing with my dog in snow are top on my list. He is always so funny, burrowing in the snow and acting like a puppy again… I guess he also gets rejuvenated in the winter!

I am reminded of the small pleasures too. Getting wood for the fireplace with my dad will always hold a special place in my heart, or making our annual trip to Silverthorne to see the ice castles and even watching little kids learning to ski. It is so fun, how they fall and get right back up like little bears slipping on ice.

So, let’s cozy up, watch the snow fall and welcome winter back to the Vail Valley!
This month’s inspiration was brought to you by Design Associate Oshi Gardarian. Because of her love for nature, she is inspired by Biophilic interior design that creates visual and physical connections with the outdoors by incorporating natural materials or those that mimic nature and natural forms.

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