Yurt On!

Camping can be a far cry from rustic – no need to leave the comforts of home at home when you’re in a yurt.

We love creating inspired living spaces – and were especially thrilled to design a custom yurt in Colorado’s remote wilderness. After all, who doesn’t love a surprising bit of luxury in the most unexpected of places?

Traditionally, a yurt is a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by nomads in Central Asia. Here in the Rocky Mountains, yurts are gaining in popularity for those who like to camp but need some glamour; bring on the glamping in a yurt. Their circular structures provide good feng shui, but also are a bit of design challenge. The open room requires multiple uses that have to flow together and look cohesive.

The rustic, curved-wood bed right away makes the yurt feel luxurious.  Adding in textured throws, pillows with splashes of color and layers of hides only adds to the appeal. Warning: once you climb into this bed, it might be hard to crawl out!


Place cool, funky tables by the bed. Try a wrought-iron one to bring a little contemporary flair to the mountain-rustic getaway. Small spaces don’t always allow for large accessories, but we love this decorative vase that can be filled with sunflowers come fall or elegant tree branches throughout the year.

IMG_7247_2 IMG_7740_2


Placing a supple leather love seat at the foot of the bed gives another place to sit. For an alternate seating area, use iconic leather-and-nail-head armchairs that look masculine but feel cozy and feminine.  Pairing it with a couple of hide ottomans keeps the rustic-luxury feel.  Add a few hide or fur pillows for comfort and style.



IMG_7727_2 IMG_7735_2

Small spaces – even if you’re only visiting for a short time – require organization. Cubbies allow for neat stacks and accessories: extra linens can go in one cube and pictures, mirrors, or even a super-cute nut bowl, in another for a well-designed, yet functional, look.  A solid armoire hides the puffy jackets and houseshoes. Put a nature-inspired table lamp on top of the shelves for ambient lighting.  Check out the wooden lamp base that is simply perfect for a remote getaway.


IMG_7754_2 IMG_7748_2

The best part of glamping? Accessorizing! You can’t pack art or accessories into your tent. A large mirror makes the space feel bigger – and you can make sure your rain gear looks cute on you too. Speaking of – a few hooks are strategically placed around the yurt allow for places to hang wet gear or a scarf or two. Pick a few nature-inspired pieces of art for the walls. If you love fur or hides – frame that; there’s wood-and-metal creations or even modern aspen art that all shine in the yurt. Finally, rustic candle holders allow for some romance.



Getting away from it all means something different to everyone. Imagine waking up in a well-designed yurt – it just might become your favorite summer escape.


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