A Time To Be Thankful

When I asked our Marketing Manager, Patti Biggs, what I was suppose to write about for this month’s blog she politely responded “whatever is on your mind!” I love design but, honestly, I do not think about it every waking moment! There a lot of things out there that gets me thinking. A book I just read is what’s currently frequenting my mind. I love getting wrapped into the pages of a really good non-fiction book – having the opportunity to read about someone’s true story– the scenery they see and things they experience – somewhere or something I have not and may not be able to get to experience first hand.

The book “The Glass Castle” is a memoir by Jeannette Walls. The story is about Jeannette’s own life and her journey through life with parents who were not motivated to make an honest living to provide for their family of five. The family lived with few “things”, moved frequently and lived like vagabonds. Jeannette and her siblings had to fend for themselves at very early ages. They lived without eating for days, wore severely used clothing that may have gotten washed once a month during a good month, through cold winters without electricity and very little heat and slept on cardboard for beds while the roof was leaking above them.

While the book is not entirely about what the family did not have – I grasped onto that piece the most. It got me feeling that even though times are tough and the work isn’t as easy to come by as it once was – I’m feeling grateful for the day to day things I take for granted as well as work – the small jobs, the different odd jobs and the jobs I just got hired for but needed to be completed yesterday.

In the spirit of the season – take the time to notice and appreciate the simple things in your life like clean socks, your health and the people you spend time with making memories to last a lifetime in a warm home, with warm food on the table and a real bed.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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