All That is Gold…

As the Aspen leaves illuminate the trees with their once-a-year hue, those of us who are lucky to call the mountains home, or second home, are inspired by all that is gold. And we feel like we are golden to once again be honored in Mountain Living’s 2012 annual edition of Top Mountain Architects & Interior Designers. This issue is the “… exclusive guide to the most talented and influential architects, design/build professionals and interior designers at work in the West today.” 

Slifer Designs is renowned for our passion, creativity and expertise with mountain design. Our award-winning designers travel far and wide making our clients feel at home.

As detailed in Mountain Living’s latest issue, we strive to be the most influential and talented designers, not only in the West but nationally. When our heads are immersed in plans and we are focused on creating the most inviting space possible for you, we still stay on top of the latest trends, incorporating the hottest wants into timeless classic spaces that just might be handed down along with the family ski house. We love the mountains, but travel the country to find what you’re looking for.

A Slifer customer gets one-on-one attention in our showroom.

Once we’ve found the perfect home accent, we are thrilled to bring it to you at our newest store in Colorado’s shopping mecca: we’ve brought our talent, passion and skills to Cherry Creek. 

Special finds at the New York Gift Show will bring whimsy to any space and can be found at our two stores.

Slifer Designs brings a fresh perspective to designing homes, whether making a large room feel intimate, or expanding a smaller condo into a luxurious space or even making a small but significant change by incorporating a stunningly—and hot—vibrant orange into your dining room.

We bring timeless style to life. Hardly a flash-in-the-pan design studio, we’ve been here almost as long as the ski area, 27 years this year. And we intend to stick around to continue to influence design for years to come.

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